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  • How Does Your Body Talk To You?
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Mind-Body (Somatic Therapy) has become increasingly popular with the psychological community over the last decade due to the increased awareness of how unbalanced we have become.  Living primarily in our heads and ignoring our intuition, emotions and body.

Therapists and other healing practitioners have discovered the importance of bringing more awareness to the sensations of the body, as a way to learn more about our true needs. 

The Somatic approach blends both "Top Down" and "Bottom Up" psychotherapy. Top Down is traditionally known as talk therapy, that examines thoughts and emotions in order to change hurtful patterns and gain insight. While the Bottom Up approach looks to the body for assistance in processing and releasing painful experiences that are not available to the conscious mind. 

A leading practice in this in field is known as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, which has been successful in the treatment of trauma patients. Combining elements from this, interpersonal neurobiology, attachment research, and the ancient practice of mindfulness - I'm pleased to report that my clients have been responding positively to these ground breaking techniques.  If you feel this type of treatment may  be right for you, please call me to find out more, (909) 732-9037.