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Couples counseling helps you enhance communication and understanding, learn forgiveness and reconciliation, and work together. You can improve your relationship by discovering and resolving internal barriers to deeper love, stronger friendship, and greater physical passion. Or, by recognizing when a relationship has fulfilled its purpose, so that both partners can make a conscious decision to part with respect, caring, and cooperation. Love for another person does not have to end when the form of a relationship needs to change.

Working together in therapy involves learning and practicing different ways to talk, listen, and be with each other. On a practical level, going beyond arguing and stonewalling, toward effective communication and negotiation. On an emotional level, feeling into your partner’s vulnerability and true needs. On an even deeper level, experiencing the “third” that is your relationship, and understanding what it is asking of each individual.

Marilyn welcomes and has experience with LGBTQ couples, as well as those who are in non-monogamous, or polyamorous relationships.

Intimate relationships are powerful catalysts for growth and healing, as we are challenged to love ourselves and each other more authentically, more unconditionally.

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People usually seek Family Therapy when one or more children are having behavioral problems, but it can also be very beneficial when those children are grown and old patterns continue to cause disharmony and conflict.

Family Therapy helps everyone understand that no single person is the whole problem, and that solutions need to come from the whole. Often, this kind of work is faster and more effective than individual work, as it creates a safe place to work through old thorny issues, re-establish parental authority, understand unmet emotional needs, practice new skills, forgive each other, and restore affection.