jungian collective unconscious

--Carl Jung

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Marilyn J Owen licensed therapist specializing in jungian psychotherapy

My approach to psychotherapy is grounded on the education and training I received in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and over thirty years of personal exploration and professional study in the following areas: Jungian and Integral psychologies, Buddhism and Mindfullness Meditation, Sufism, Mythology, alternative spirituality, poetry, voice and music, expressive arts and Sandplay, Archetypal Astrology, sexuality and relationship, Somatic Psychology , and Interpersonal Neurobiology. I have been particularly influenced by Marion Woodman, John Welwood, David Whyte and Daniel Siegel.

I Operate On The Following Assumptions:

  • We all have a deep impulse toward healing

  • This impulse can be tapped into through symptoms, dreams and imagination

  • Mindful awareness of the body and our relationships are primary instruments for healing emotional pain

  • What we do not bring to consciousness will be experienced externally in our lives

  • Our wounds can lead us to deeper self-awareness, greater consciousness, and more capacity to love

  • The capacity to give and receive love, to self and others, is the greatest determinant of well-being

dreamwork therapist dream interpreter

I frequently incorporate dream work into my psychotherapy practice, based on the teachings of Jungian Analyst/Author, Marion Woodman, and Pacifica Graduate Institute’s founding president, Steven Aizenstat, PhD. This simple and transformative process allows us to use body sensations, imagination, and play to glean meaning from the often chaotic images of dreams.

By attending to your dream images you can find your way through those nightly doors to the unlimited wisdom and guidance of dreams. Dreams can help us understand more about our relationships, our work, and even our bodily health, when we cultivate a practice of paying attention.