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--Carl Jung

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Your body is always storing information—perception, experience, memory—throughout your whole life. Although most of that information is not immediately available to the conscious mind, the body is always communicating about our unconscious hurts through dreams and symptoms: emotional distress, relationship and sexuality problems, addictions, mental fatigue, and physical complaints.

When we learn to access and understand that language, we can learn what is needed to grow and heal from the wounds of the past. We can also explore the future that beckons us, and find the unique path that will lead us there.

Individual psychotherapy is a powerful way to access and understand what the body is trying to tell us. Recent findings in neuroscience have confirmed that psychotherapy is the best treatment option for lasting improvement of depression and anxiety, as well as healing from trauma, heartbreak, burnout and emptiness.

Although medication can help alleviate debilitating symptoms, science is proving what we have always known; we heal best in the context of relationship to others. And as we feel more secure in those relationships, we can become more independent, free, and content within ourselves.

The greatest opportunity for change comes when things fall apart.

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The therapeutic relationship provides a safe place to explore and express thoughts and feelings that may be difficult or impossible to share with others. It is also a place where you can experience empathic attunement, focused emotional attending that is necessary to your psychological development.

Regular weekly sessions provide a structure that allows people to practice the art of self-discovery and new ways of being. This leads to long term change, the development of a stronger sense of meaning and purpose, and healthy relationships in all areas of life.

  • Mind-Body techniques teach you how to feel present in your body, more connected to your pain and your joy, your deep sense of well-being, what you truly know about yourself and want in life.

  • Dream work and guided imagery is a powerful creative process for unlocking the inner wisdom that guides our healing. Traditional talk therapy provides the means of gently bringing all this into consciousness in a safe place, where it can be processed, transformed, and focused in a new direction.